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About us


My name is Leonor and I am the founder and owner of Crafted Surprise. I founded the business in 2014 with the aim of creating and supplying my handcrafted melt and pour soaps. I made the change from melt and pour soaps to Cold Process soaps in late 2019 to early 2020.


During the global closure of 2020, I realised that it was difficult to purchase tools for my use. Tools were only available through overseas sources. This was when the men in the family came together to make the tools for me. On a soap making video, I used the Multi Bar Cutter and from that few seconds of action, we received enquiries as to where we purchased the tool. When we responded that it was made at home, a few people asked if we could make them one … so we did.


The word of mouth and proof of our quality product was the launching pad for the tool making side of the business. Customers were looking for Australian Made, quality products from a company that offered quick order processing, maximum of a week transit from our home to theirs.

Running the business, as well as our full-time jobs, is achievable with the understanding of our customers that all items are made to order, be it left or right-handed tools, oiled or not oiled, custom logos, low volumes – all done after hours and on weekends.


Meet the team


I am responsible for Customer Service, Sourcing, Finance and Posting.

Domingo is the Tradesman/Handyman of the operation. He originally designed the very first soap cutting tools to be made locally. All the wooden items in our range are made from start to finish with his hands and follows through with packing in preparation for posting. Domingo works with special customer requirements, outside the current specifications, and ensures the products keep their integrity and workability.


Rene is a qualified Mechanical Engineer and manages the 3D printers and CNC Router Machine. With these machines, he has assisted in the manufacturing of wooden tools by pre-fabricating some parts for easy, faster assembly. Rene designs and follows to completion special customer orders such as change in size of the Bevellers, Shampoo/Conditioner Bar Moulds and Kaleidoscope Design Tools. He also designed the 3D Printed Soap Bevellers, the Kaleidoscope Design Tools, our logo engraved on all our timber tools and is actively exploring new avenues to grow our range. Should you need to make alterations to current items or have an idea of a tool specially designed and made for you, Rene is the man for the job.


Fabian is a qualified Graphic Designer with speciality in Digital Communication. He manages the design and manufacture of the Soap Stamps and the Kaleidoscope Kit. Fabian also designed our company logo which appears on all our products as well as designed, set up and manages our company website (old and new). He also instigated our Facebook/Instagram accounts, designed business cards and other sundry business requirements. If you need Graphic Design for your business, Fabian is the man for the job.


We look forward to working with you.


Crafted Surprise Family

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