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Soap Making Tools

The Best Supply of Soap Making Tools and Moulds 

Crafted Surprise is Australia's Leading Company Offering Soap Making Tools & Shampoo Bar Moulds. We offer exceptional range of products  from our small team of dedicated professionals made to order.

Crafted Surprises services include the manufacturer of –

  • Soap Making Tools

    • Multi Bar Cutter – designed using Tasmanian Hardwood & Recycled Wood - can be modified to suite the customer's bar width size & the number of bars required.
    • Single Bar Cutter – can be used with hot and cold processed soaps -can be made for Left or Right hand users.

    • Soap Slap Cutter – can be used with hot and cold processed soaps - can be made for Left or Right hand users.

    • Slab Moulds - Wooden & Divider Kits

    • Divider Kits for Slab Moulds – these are available to suit the ranged slab moulds.​

  • Custom Stamps, Soap Planer & Beveller

    • Custom Soap Stamps – these are made to order, suitable for Soap, Clay & Cake Decoration

    • Multi Stamp tool – Jig & Stamps 

    • Planner & Beveller - these tools are suitable for soap and candles

    • Soap Straight Edge Design Bevellers

  • Wax Items

    • Wax (soy) Melts – available in nineteen scents, and gift packs are available.

    • Wax Melt Gift Pack – include a wax warmer, 3-tea light candles, and 2 clamshell wax melters – in the scent of your choice.

Plus, an extensive assortment of Personalized Products and these Professional Services 

Have a question? Crafted Surprise can be reached by email or online, or follow us on social media, either on Instagram or Facebook. Crafted Surprise store policies and rules are available online.

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